Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is Madness!

In my internet travels I have found, yet again, another reason for me to feel insecure about myself! Now, in some circles, it’s not cool to be called a mompreneur.  Why? Because it tells others that you have other priorities. Huh? So, it's not cool to NOT sacrifice your family for work? That is madness.

One definition of "madness" is "senseless folly". It doesn't matter what you call yourself, there will ALWAYS be someone there trying to marginalize you. If I let all those who try to marginalize me for who I am, (a black, female, christian, mom, works from home--to name a few) I would go live in a cave. If you listened to all who want to criticize you, you'll be all over the place and that is madness! Craziness, foolishness!

One well-meaning lawyer mom told me not to tell anyone I had children. She told me she would put her child in the back of the courtroom and pretend he wasn't hers. Frankly, I checked out when she said that. I don't remember anything else she said. On May 12, 1992 I became a mom, by choice. I am proud of it, and realize I must make adjustments because of it, but denying that fact is not one.

I have not always been this defiant. I empathize with the young "mompreneurs" who may be feeling their way. When I was younger I was also influenced by what others said. But, I soon realized that there will ALWAYS BE SOMEONE TO CRITICIZE YOU. I was so confused and defeated because I would adjust my course based on advice, then someone would find fault with that, so I'd change course again, and someone would find fault with that! You get the picture.

I stopped the madness when I followed some advice almost ten years ago that led to disaster, and I'm still suffering the consequences.  The worst part is I knew better. My instincts were telling me otherwise. It was then I realized many people will advise you based on their own agenda, not what is best for you. Seek wise counsel, but trust your instincts, and a mother's instincts are powerful.

Stop the madness! Trust your gut. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own voice-Steve Jobs One of the best inspirational speeches out there!


  1. Well said!! I'm so glad God has given us clear direction to live by. You are so right, there will always be someone out there to criticize us. But we don't live our lives by human standards or human judgments. I sure do miss you!

  2. Thanks, Janet. The source of my courage is God and his Word. Miss you guys, too!