Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If You Give a Lawyer Mom with a Home Office a Cup of Coffee

If you give a lawyer mom with a home office a cup of coffee while she’s doing legal research, she’ll want a Girl Scout cookie to go with it. She’ll take the last box from the case and put the empty case in the garage. When she opens the kitchen door to the garage she’ll see her son’s shoes on the landing. She’ll take them to his room and see his bath towel on the floor and remember it’s time to do laundry. She’ll gather all the towels and head to the laundry room. As she’s loading the washing machine she sees the Swiffer cloths and remembers the blinds need dusting. As she’s dusting the blinds off the deck, she sees toys through the window and remembers she needs to get back to researching grandparent’s rights in Georgia. As she sits down in front of the computer she wants a cup of coffee and thinks she needs a separate office!

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