Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping My Eye on the Prize

I know I need to network.  I hate it. I’m an introvert, by nature, but, it’s the cornerstone of getting to know people. And getting to know people is the cornerstone of networking. And networking is the cornerstone of building a business, and building a business (law practice) is what I must do.

But with family, work and creating the business who has time to just meet people?  Following blogs, reading blogs, writing blogs, tweeting, following tweets, reading tweets, facebook, LinkedIn. . . I could spend hours in front of the computer . . . now I have to go meet people, and meet them again, and again, and again to build relationships to create a referral network . . . websites, SEO, social media, marketing. That’s a lot of work! And a whole lot of time.

With all this blogging, tweeting and networking, the purpose behind building a business at home can get lost. With all that has to be done to build a successful business the kids can get lost. Before you know it, you are fitting the family around the business instead of the business around the family. 

This week I found myself sitting down at the computer to do just one thing, and looked up and it’s 2 hours later! And the kids have been on self-check all this time! Oh my! Not acceptable, and completely negates the purpose of why I want to be a mom entrepreneur. But, building and running a business takes time, and the two begin to conflict.  What to do . . . What to do? 

The self-imposed guilt is ever present. The Baby Boomer moms are judgmental of moms who put their children before a career, even in the age of the Gen Y work-life balance culture. The Helicopter Moms are judgmental because they are taking your child to practice instead of you. Zane (6 yo) asks me EVERYDAY if I have to go to work tomorrow. And his face kills me when I have to say yes, even though I say yes only three days of the week!  What to do?!

The January 12 segment of Lady T’s blogtalkradio was phenomenal in steering me in the right direction . . . to refocus . . . to try to create the balance that works for my family!  The Art of Leveraging Your Time 1/12/2011 - Powerful Women Only | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Especially after listening to Lady T, Business Coach for Moms, my friend and longtime companion in the journey of how to care for our families and not get lost in the shuffle, I’m determined not to lose any of what I’m so desperately trying to preserve.  

Right on time, Lady T! Thanks.

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