Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Seeds of An Estate Planning Practice

The first Community Legal Seminar, Miechia Gulley, Esq of the Gulley Law Group was held Saturday, July 9, at the Library in Winder, GA.  We asked for RSVP’s and received none. I placed a press release in the local papers, in print and electronically.  The electronic announcement received about 40 views.  Still, we hadn’t received any calls or notifications that we would have any attendees.  We weren’t sure if anyone was coming. But, we continued to prepare and showed up.

Ultimately, we had four attendees. Two came in the morning and two more halfway through.  We weren’t sure how we were received. It seemed to go well, and everyone left apparently satisfied with our program, but since they weren’t clients, yet, and we didn’t know if we would see or hear from any of them again, we just weren’t sure.  Well, it didn’t take long. Sunday afternoon, I got an email AND a phone call. It was then that we realized just how well received we were.  One member of our audience belongs to an organization that provides continuing education classes to older citizens. She passed our names on to the curriculum director, who has extended an invitation to be included in their Spring schedule! OMGoodness! 

Small turnout, big ripple effect.  I’m in the process of drafting a class outline to submit.  And planning more seminars.  I’ve heard seminars are very effective marketing tools.  I’m inclined to agree.

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