Friday, November 4, 2011

OMG, It’s Friday!

Every work-at-home professional I know has an administrative day. This was my administrative week.

I got nothing substantial done all week! I knew Monday and Tues were goners with errands, report cards, a trip to the Boy Scout store, sewing patches on a Cub Scout uniform, parent-teacher meetings, etc. But, I thought I could get back on track by Wed, but, alas! it was not to be. I had to leave the house everyday for something, and as you know, when you get interrupted it’s hard to find the groove again. It’s Friday, and I’ve done only two of the four most important things on my list, and virtually nothing on the “want to do this week” list. So, I’m out of the house again today. 

 I really need to work on the content for my website. That takes research and focus. Research and focus take time, and time is what I didn’t have this week. It’s Friday, so we don’t have to get up early tomorrow, and I can stay up past my 10p bedtime. The kids are accustomed to early bedtimes, so even on the weekends all are asleep by 10, anyway. I can work until I can’t think straight, which is about midnight.

Although I gripe, for effect, I am grateful for the unfettered time to do all the little things required to take care of a family. Like now. When this is published I’ll take a forgotten lunch to school. If I worked outside the home, I would have gotten a panicked call. I would then stress because they wouldn’t have money for lunch, and the lunch room ladies get funny about charging, and then send nasty notes about taking care of this ASAP! Then I would stress about making sure our account was cleared. Giving a child money and making sure it got to the right place is stressful in itself!

When I worked a traditional job, a lot of those little tasks became major tasks because there wasn’t time, and they had to be done, so those little tasks became big tasks accompanied by big stress, and someone saying, “Mom, chill. It’s not that big a deal!” But, it is a big deal. It’s got to be done, and if you can’t do it, you have to delegate, and delegate to the right person or you end up doing it yourself anyway. I’m getting worked up just thinking about that frenzy we called “life”!

I’m so grateful to be at home, but, like many professional moms who’ve decided to stay home, I worry about not contributing to the family finances. (The practice is going to take some months before my income makes any difference.) Then I remember the frenetic pace, the stress, the missed deadlines, the missed moments, the EXHAUSTION, and I get over it. Besides, I get a front row seat into Zane’s (7) world. One day this week, at dinner after taking a few bites of food he would scribble on a pad, few more bites, scribble . . . he was pretending to be a “food cricket” I love it!


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